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Nigeria electricity prices soar despite irregular supply

By Al Jazeera
12 Mar 2016   |   1:22 pm   |   2m 25s
Nigerians will soon be facing higher electricity costs as providers say it's the only way to improve power supply.

  • linkhadj.

    Fashola, I am surprised that you can be the Apostle of ‘ Pay higher now so that you will enjoy better services later’. How time changes a hitherto weifarist person. You were one of the strong critics of GEJ’s energy policies. I knew this appointment will rubbish your reputation. It is good you are showing. Your real self now. It will guide us against your future political ambition. You have now wrestle with the pigs and you have become smeared with so much political muds to make us trust you in future. Nonsense!

  • omoagbala60

    Fashola is more noise than substance and he hangs stubbornly to anti- poor policies. Fashola is elitist and not the right person to solve the problems of a nation with greater population of poor citizens. This is an individual that used millions of State’s fund to set up website and with mind boggling pension and other renumerations that shield him from the biting realities of miserable poverty in the land. It was on utmost arrogance of ignorance that he imposed tolled roadways on the Lagosians without alternatives for those that chose not to take the tolled roads. In civilized climes, citizens have the choice of using tolled roads as alternate roads are also provided. These latter-day, arrogant politicians should realize that they serve at the mercy of the masses not the other way around. Nigerians should wake up and set to flush out politicians not doing their bidding in the coming elections. For what is the rationale for increasing tariffs for non existent services?

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