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Netherlands-based Nigerian declares 2019 presidency intention

By OakTV
24 Jul 2017   |   10:59 am   |   4m 56s
A Nigerian woman, Monica Ambrose, based in the Netherlands has declared her intention to run for the Nigerian presidency in 2019.

  • Green

    We don’t need another patience…. work on your English.

    • challeng

      Don’t bring patience here, did buhari work on his English.

  • Green

    Diaspora, you can’t pronounce…. lol… what did you learn?

  • Green

    Guardian, are you guys serious for publishing this comedy… you just drop your level.

  • paulostic

    …..Wetin wrong with guardian sef….Can’t you guys just spot madness when you see it?? Is n’t it glaring that this woman needs serious psychiatric help? But it is not every thing you give this kind of place in your very esteem newspaper.

  • Christopher Adodo

    Every Nigerians have the right to declare he or her ambitions to aspire to the highest office in the country.

  • david

    Is this a joke or what! Guardian, you guys just disappoint me. This is not professionalism, is this a news or what?

    • T N. L

      David or whatever your name is, why is this a joke, why are you disappointed, why is this not professionalism, and why is this not news, please tell us.

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