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MKO Abiola cannot be awarded GCFR, he is dead man, not a Nigerian – Dino Melaye

By OakTV
10 Jun 2018   |   7:00 am   |   6m 50s
Buhari in a press release on Wednesday, June 6 declared June 12 as the new Nigeria’s Democracy Day even as he directed Abiola be conferred with highest national honour, GCFR.

  • This is the most ignorant and plain stupid statements I have ever read on media. Indira Ghandi of India, Winston Churchill of United Kingdom and George Washington of USA are dead but still honoured in their countries. Don’t believe this idiot is a senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    • Ugboguru Chijioke

      @Akinola007, I wish to start by viewing your comment as ridiculous, unfair, uncouth and aggressive to say “This is the most ignorant and plain stupid statements I have ever read on social media… Don’t believe this idiot is a senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria.” By this, you’re verbally assaulting Dino rather than his words. At the end of the day, you couldn’t even controvert his view. He’s a lawmaker and has supported his prayers with some reference. A situation like this behoves his colleagues to debate his points which they did without name-calling. There are more courteous ways of delivering a message without offending your opponent and still achieve peace. That you should learn to do some other time. Let’s leave the argument to the legislators and the judges. They’re in a better position for this.

      • transparent

        Very well stated. I believe Akinola007’s sentiments are purely influenced by ethnic ties. MKO was never president of Nigeria. However, he succeeded in looting ITT.

    • transparent

      You didn’t have to be so vulgar. MKO was never president of Nigeria. He only succeeded in looting ITT. He’s friend IBB betrayed him. Period. Means, try to see beyond ethnic bias.

    • Tunde Olaniran

      I stopped commenting on social media because I discovered most Nigerian youths are bereaved of ideas and never shown any glaring signs of someone who has been to school. Even those that go about with degree certificates still reason like stack illiterate. You cannot really see any sign of being to any school. Tribal sentiment is common ailment that worries virtually all Nigerian youths. No one is spared.

    • josvinco

      @Akinola007.Ethnicity has beclouded your reasoning. Cite an example of posthumous National award awarded Sir Winston Churchill , George Washington and Indira Ghandi by their respective countries ? Monuments could be named after them. You are the ignoramus here .

  • Kenneth Nwankwo

    Dino Melaye is absolutely right. You can only grant June 12 public holiday but you cannot give a dead man GCFR because the law says it must be issued in person.

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