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It’s my constitutional right to run, you can’t zone my right – Duke

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30 Sep 2017   |   8:30 am   |   1m 6s
It's my constitutional right to run, you can't zone my right - Duke.

  • Man in the Mirror

    If Donald Duke run for President, 1billion times, I will vote for you 1trillion times.

  • Isa Ahmed

    That has been the problem with your party,they never behave the democratic way.in1999 Abubakar Rimi have to challenge the in the court before they arranged for primaries.they never appreciate merit as a yardstick.Zoning is not politics.

  • Linda Daniel Akpasop

    That’s correct, Sir. I am running closely behind you. We can’t loose. I have never failed or lost a fight, debate, contest, target…, I’M HERE TO BACK YOU UP TO SUCCESS, AS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.

  • Emmanuel Bassey

    This man has what it takes to fix Nigeria’s problems.

  • Fayman Omini

    Donald is one of the most promising candidates for the presidency in terms of having something to offer: required level of intelligence, democratic leadership experience, global world view, detribalized disposition, a crusading passion for innovation, critical faculties, deep knowledge of the economics of democratic leadership, problem-solving skills, amiable charisma, exceptional degree of social, emotional and cultural intelligence as well as an excellent political demeanour and integrity. I cannot exhaust the excellent qualities of this gentleman. I pray we give him a chance to bring real change…without putting Nigerians through unbearable sufferings.

  • Rita Nkoyo Item

    Great words from a great man!

  • Aleks

    Duke is light years ahead of the leaders that Nigeria has had in the past!
    I sincerely look forward to having him on the ballot for president of Nigeria.
    All progressive minded Nigerians need to rally behind this gentleman and get him into office as Nigeria’s president!

  • Austin Mark Ujah

    U are the man comes 2019, others are pretenders not contenders

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