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Israel trains Nigerian Air Force in asymmetrical warfare

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20 September 2017   |   1:56 pm
Israel trains Nigerian Air Force in asymmetrical warfare.


16 Feb 2018
Buhari inaugurates Nigerian Air Force-made drone.
13 Jul 2018
The Senate on Thursday decried the gruesome killing of over 40 people by bandits in Sokoto State on Monday.
29 Sep 2018
How Nigerian Air Force jets crashed in Abuja.
1 May 2019
Nigerian Air Force acquires new fleet of Attack helicopter
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Nigerian Air Force vows to end insecurity across the country.
15 Oct 2019
Meet The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) first decorated female fighter pilot, Flying Officer Kafayat Sanni, and the first female helicopter pilot, Flying Officer Tolulope Arotile. The Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar decorated them alongside another officer Grace Garba, the first female Air Warrant Officer, and 10 0ther officers at the NAF headquarters in Abuja.
25 Jan 2020
The Nigerian Airforce has upgraded its Alpha Jets to help in its fight against the insurgency in the northeast.
26 May 2021
It is not the best of times for the Nigerian Armed Forces as the loss of its best hands and equipment is fast becoming unbearable as the country continues its war against insurgents and insecurity. And as we mourn the last victims, one of the questions on the mind of many Nigerian's remains; Why have two American-made Beechcraft Kingair 350 crashed just two months apart from each other? Is it really time to audit the Nigerian Air Force fleet?
3 Jul 2021
Drone attacks are causing a crisis in the Mideast and experts are calling for a better regulatory regime. But would more rules even have an impact in the region?
25 Mar 2022
The world was stunned when Russia launched an old school ground invasion of Ukraine. But how about the great cyberwar we had been warned of? Ukrainian institutions and companies have been hacked, but none of the major attacks are taking out power grids and telecom networks – at least not yet. With the Russian military using Ukrainian mobile networks on the battlefield, some wonder if the West overestimated Moscow's tech savviness.
30 Jul 2022
Gas warfare? Gazprom announces further cuts in gas flow to EU.
12 Aug 2022
A Chinese warship reportedly came closer than 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) to Taiwan as Beijing continues its military drills. But Taipei said it will not be cowed by its "evil neighbor."