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I want to banish yellow buses this year – Governor Ambode

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20 Apr 2017   |   5:17 am   |   0m 32s
I want to banish yellow buses this year - Governor Ambode

  • Israel Obadan

    I support him.Where in any civilised world do you use danfo,tricycles and okada as means of transportation in a mega city like Lagos?
    Infact,all major Nigerian cities should have train services for mass movement of commuters,especially in the rush hour periods.Even the BRT system is just begging the transportation question.Now,see the heavy volume of traffic along the Ikorodu-Lagos routes.The badagry rail system makes more sense.Kudos to Fashola and now Ambode.Lagos seems blessed with progressive leaders,starting from Baba Kekere,Jakande,Tinubu,etc.

    • Thief Thief

      Not good enough with the amount of funds expended over the years lagos should be far better than what it is today. Thats why Nigeria as a whole is not developed. Lagos is 50 Dubai is 47 …the difference is clear

  • Thief Thief

    Conflict of interest will always be a problem. Who replaces the yellow buses, who finances the new buses, who owns the new buses. It appears Ambode does only projects that benefits his cronies,mentor and party friends. No open tender or bids for these projects. when the Govt is also the private sector using public funds is called corruption. This appears to be the modus operandi of the Lagos APC group. Remember Alfa bitter,BRT, Waste removal etc.

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