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‘I can’t sleep’ – Dino Melaye

By OakTV
09 Jan 2019   |   8:20 am   |   1m 12s
Senator Dino Melaye in hospital as he refuses to leave his hospital bed, claiming to be having health challenges when the police came to take him to Lokoja in Kogi state for prosecution.

  • Ola Balogun

    People in position of authority should be good role models in the society. Charity begins at home, if people in could not respect the law, what will you expect from ordinary citizens? Dino Melaye should have waited so long to keep innocent police officers suffering on their foot outside for so long periods of hours. That kind of barbaric attitudes will never happen in civilised country and now playing a tricky game with the authorities. Why can’t he response to the allegations and clear the air? No one is above the law. It’s a that those representing their communities are nonentities. Some of them claimed to be educated don’t have informal education

  • chukwubueze ogeniile

    Dino is a disgrace. He is not serious. He thinks he is above the law. Another doctor will certify him fit soon to face his trail in kogi. He fears his state to death.

    • Kaycee

      Yet he is hussling to be a Senator? Yeye Dino Melaye the clown.

  • Kaycee

    Handcuff him to the bed and move him via a Black Maria to Kogi State. He must stop this Bollywood drama.

  • Jide Ajibola

    I beg to kno what happened to this guy? They only went and arrest him isn’t it so why is he on the verge of death? What a village imbecile!! Lazy cunt!! Deceptive clown!!

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