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Fraud allegation – Maina break silence, seeks Buhari’s protection

By Channels
28 Nov 2017   |   5:39 am   |   2m 5s
Fraud allegation - Maina break silence, seeks Buhari's protection.

  • TK

    I sense that Mr. president was a were of Maina reinstatement, But some people in their effort to block the president from knowing the truth, used the head of service to the federation who might be at the center of the pension scandal to confuse him to withdraw the reinstatement. The president is compromising. Maina must be given a fair hearing if corruption war is a reality. Hail you Mr. Maina

  • Oladele Oduola

    President Buhari should take concrete and urgent step to hear this man out if he want people to take serious about the fight against ‘almighty ‘ corruption. Maina should be given adequate security to open anything that he want to open.

  • ezimako

    Quite a riddle , the state protecting a criminal. It should be in the Guinness World Records.

  • Adeolu Sanyaolu

    Aha, i weep for this country called Nigeria

  • tope

    The ball is now in your court buhari, if truly you don’t know about this trillions let this man defend himself in a public hearing

  • Jet-Wize Udoma

    Jonathan gave him the opportunity to do it, why didn’t he?
    He used the recovered loot to fund Buhari’s election, that was why Baba ordered his reinstatement.
    What a funny corruption fight!

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