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Fashola hopeful of achieving 10,000MW target by 2019

By Channels TV
01 Apr 2016   |   4:08 pm   |   2m 10s

  • Kayode Samuel

    I cry for nation Nigeria. What will happen to Nigerians between now and 2019? Remain in perpetual darkness.? What happened to all campaign promises?
    This is the height of cluelessness. Where are the IPPs? I tire o! Is it a cabal behind the electricity supply for 16 years.?

    • sabena1982

      Yes of course! And again, this isn’t cluelessness. This is simply strategic and methodical planning coupled with sincerity of purpose and high sense of integrity. You can’t understand until 2019. This govt will ensure judicial use of budgetary spending unlike your former corrupt GEJ govt that thrived on looting our commonwealth.

      • Kayode Samuel

        Ummn! Wait til 2019? Just for records, we worked for APC success, but the era of blindly not questioning leadership is gone. Nigerians are tired and cannot wait longer for empty and unpatriotic promises of fat cats. Let Fashola empowered districts IPP and stop the long term nonsense, 16 years or more still talking about electricity generation and distribution?

      • Kayode Samuel

        Hey, if one spends 4 years to plan “madness,”, when will he commence to demonstrate the attribute of the “madness”?

  • Abanigbe S. Adewale

    The confident is good, the hope is better BUT the reality will be the BEST. We shall contribute our bits as Nigerians. The government should stop insghting us. All the fraud in power generation and distribution are orchestrated by the government and power agencies and agents. Fixed the power and the economy will grow through the enormous entrepreneurs in the country.

    God bless Nigeria

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