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Edo govt receives 169 Nigerians deported from Libya

By Channels
17 Nov 2017   |   8:40 am   |   2m 33s
Edo govt receives 169 Nigerians deported from Libya.


    No audio why? This crossing the Sahara desert to Libya and then Mediterranean to Europe is the dumbest move anyone can make. I know Nigeria has been wrecked as a country but still there is no point to embark on a suicidal mission. If our leaders have conscience they should do asoul searching

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Greed, simple. A young lady who could save up N500,000 (half a million Naira) to bankroll such a trip from somewhere to nowhere is already doing good business even by Nigerian standards. It is not about poverty.
    It is time to deal decisively with this shameful act that is painting all Edo State indigenes black. The Edo State government, supported by the Oba of Benin Council, must rise up as one and attack this canker that has eaten and corrupted the very heart of its youth. The parents of these young ones cannot absolve themselves from responsibility for this form of corruption. Bini, Bini, Bini. Enough is enough.

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