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Economic Recovery: FG to pump N350Bn into Nigeria’s economy

By Channels TV
17 Sep 2016   |   5:00 am   |   2m 38s

  • Mystic mallam

    N350b = $82million at current exchange rate. Chump change for our politicians.

    • amador kester

      Delay by the economic team in taking certain relevant actions ended up creating greater problems and complexities
      to be resolved than probably anticipated. . Economic management is more of articulate hindsight and proactive vision than fire brigade action and moreover : timing is everything

      • Mystic mallam

        You’re wise Kester, in all of human endeavours, timing is everything. Haven’t you noticed how the black race is the last to appreciate that , and where African Time has left us?

  • Emeka

    To pump and not pumped. Still in planning stage while people are dying. They collect their huge allowances and salaries promptly and go lazying about while others are owed salaries and are encouraged to go hungry and endure to save the economy.No wonder kidnapping and robbery are on the rise.They are never satisfied with what they receive (salaries and allowances) but will further steal and pad the budget. And every day they will go to the press and tell us they will do this, they will do that and they never do any. Shameless people.

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