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Customs impound luxury cars worth over N135 million

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07 October 2017   |   4:00 am
Customs impound luxury cars worth over N135 million.


7 Oct 2017
Customs impound luxury cars worth over N135 million.
4 Mar 2018
Nigerian Custom Service committee calls for review of automotive policy.
18 Jul 2019
The Apapa customs commander has impounded an Ambulance conveying cartons of Tramadol. He said the Ambulance was impounded by customs officers on its way out of Apapa port terminal at 2300hrs today.
10 Jan 2021
Charred vehicles set on fire as part of the New Year’s Eve festivities are piled up at an impoundment lot, in the French city of Strasbourg, where around 60 vehicles were burned despite the curfew. Traditionally in France, hundreds of cars and motorcycles are set ablaze to usher in the new year.
4 Jun 2021
A Turkish shoemaker has been making specially-designed shoes for star athletes with giant feet at his shoe shop in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul on Friday. Oncel Kalkan, who has been working in Istanbul for 41 years, designs dress shoes for athletes from all over the world, mostly NBA stars with big feet who struggle to find the right size.