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Buhari replies wife over cabal allegations

By OakTV
26 Dec 2018   |   1:20 pm   |   0m 36s
President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his wife’s (Aisha) allegation that his government has been hijacked by cabal was false. Buhari recently speaking interview with the Voice of America (Hausa) said that the allegation was ‘her business…’and that it shows that he is a ‘real democrat…’ Buhari went on to ask those alleging that the cabal has taken over his government to come out and say those things they feel was staged managed by the cabal and what the cabal forced him to do should be mentioned. Buhari recently speaking interview with the Voice of America when asked: “Have you heard of the word cabal? People have been alleging that there are some few people in charge of this administration, that you are not the one in charge. Even your wife said something about this recently, what do you have to say about this?” Said: “That’s her business… This shows I am a real democrat…

  • Lal Matthew

    With all due respect,
    Jubril is playing the same tactics his predecessors OBJ, Adua and Jonathan were doing for conducting corruption to loot, while talking about corruption daily to do the loot by grand corruption, Right Jubril ?. It is not too late to enroll back to the secondary school where you dropped off, may be the enough needed education would teach you something about leadership and transparency.

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