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Buhari not demanding apology from Cameron

By Reuters
11 May 2016   |   1:55 pm   |   1m 25s
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari says he is "not going to demand any apology from anybody" after British Prime Minister David Cameron was caught on camera calling Nigeria and Afghanistan corrupt.

  • Victor Aikhionbare

    Abi o. We need money

  • larr

    This man is a disgrace. He did not understand the question posed to him, someone had to help him out. This president is only possible in a zoo. Bringing Fulani’s accent into queen’s English is insane. Nobody understood his accent., I was there!

    • DanielOsazuwa

      I bet you, they understood his accent more than your wannabe accent. Scum! It’s always better for a Leader to ask for a clarification on a question he/she probably didn’t hear very well. How many times have you see Obama, Cameron etc ask their Aides for clarification on a question they didn’t hear very well? Haters of anything good and lovers of anything evil.

      • larr

        How dare you compare your cattle rearer turned president to Harvard and Oxford graduates, your naivety stinks, blackman!!

        • Shola Moses

          @Larr its quite unfortunate that we still have people like you who live with and celebrate their believe of inferiority. GMB has fulani accent and so what? so because you have a accent from a tribe apart from America you are less human?
          You claimed he didnt understand the question yet a gave such an outstanding answer, your small brain did not know the difference btw not understanding and not hearing something properly.
          Its ok to hate, not everybody can like the president but you need to engage your brain thats if you have any.

        • Momoh Olumuyiwa Olukorede

          Larr, I wondered at your level of exposure even though from your speech, I do deduce that you have an appreciable level of formal education and that you are a staunch racist, but am sure you are sensible enough to know that “formal education could be relative” I am an architect and I have been practicing in my country; NIGERIA for over 10 years, we have the most intelligent minds the world over, and concerning President Buhari, I respect his openness, and sense of humor, even though he did not convey this in “Queens English” We don’t need Language experts in our polity, we need good and transparent governance devoid of any form of corruption and that is exactly what Buhari is dishing out compared to past Nigerian leaders. I am proud of Nigeria irrespective of the decay on ground and for once I am proud of a President that has a corruption-free blood flowing in his vain. We, together with him will build a New Nigeria to the dismay of people like you. (Posterity will not forget you if you concentrate your language skills in talking to your government to cooperate with Nigeria in returning looted funds which Britain willingly allowed in spite of the fact that she new such funds and assets were stolen, I am sure accepting stolen assets and keeping them in British Banks would have yielded some good interest one way or the other). Selah

  • Ese

    Your account here is incomplete. Why not give the people the complete story to enale them make informed comments. Buhari’s response was indeed very intelligent and an indictment on Great Britain.

  • Daniel

    If Britain is not corrupt, let them return those stolen Nigerian money in their purse. If Cameron is a saint, why helping corrupt leader keep stolen money? He who come to equity must come with clean hand. Cameron hand is too dirty to come to this equity. He himself is a corruption.

  • oluwaseun okanlawon

    I have heard the president make some useful chance of his opportunity to response to questions posed at him. He has shown to his haters that regardless of accent he’s got some nice way to express his goodwill. Never mind the likes of larr,they see only focus on negatives and may never know the true value of positives! Ride on PMB, I love your responses. “We need our stolen assets back, we need no apology from anyone”. God bless Nigeria.

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