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Buhari is Nigeria’s strongest brand – Minister of Foreign Affairs

By OakTV
11 May 2018   |   4:42 am   |   5m 47s
Buhari is Nigeria's strongest brand - Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Christopher Adodo

    More than 90 million people in Nigeria have no electricity. The electricity supply is epileptic.
    The unemployment rate in the country is very high.
    The critical infrastructures needed are missing. The country health sectors are lacking and abandoned, even the president is afraid to use them.
    The so called corruption fight is just in name, because no one has been successfully prosecuted.
    Therefore, the brand referred to is a deception, and a propaganda.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Where are my glasses, joor!!! Strongest brand, ke? This must be one of those hastily packaged imported brands from China.
    Read this: This is not the first time we’ve been taken for a ride by thieving politicians in this country, and Nigerians understand that a previous government had seriously shortchanged them. They are willing to work with this government to sort the broken economy and address the issues surrounding the garage society they inherited. But what they perceived over the past three years could better be described as shocking and embarrassing. Choice jobs are been shared out to kinsmen while religion and its ugly face now determine who should govern at the highest echelon. I wish Nigerians had listened to Aisha Buhari. The APC, including President Muhammadu Buhari, are under siege and can no longer govern the country properly. The greatest disappointment has been the President himself.

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