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BOI promises to pay more attention to small businesses

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12 July 2017   |   1:08 pm
BOI promises to pay more attention to small businesses.


20 May 2017
BOI MD advocates effective corporate governance.
24 Jun 2017
BOI to provide N1Bn counterpart funding in Ebonyi state.
25 Jun 2017
Ogun SME's development - state disburses N600m from BoI revolving loans.
12 Jul 2017
BOI promises to pay more attention to small businesses.
28 Jul 2017
BOI partners with micro finance banks to Empower Micro Entrepreneurs.
25 Aug 2017
BOI holds a clinic for businesses in Osun state.
4 Feb 2019
What are the burning issues that will probably impact Nigeria's medium and small businesses this year? David Ita, Strategic Partnership and Emerging Business Analyst at Diamond Bank joins CNBC Africa to discuss this topic.
30 Jan 2020
For small firms along Australia’s southeast coast, the tourist influx during the December and January summer holidays is a critical period. But this year, trade has been hard hit by devastating bushfires, and some people have lost their businesses altogether.
29 Mar 2020
Much of Germany's economic life has ground to a halt. Now, many small and medium-sized companies are developing creative new ways to generate revenue.
6 Apr 2020
Instead of quarantine to stop the coronavirus, Vladimir Putin has announced that Russians should stay home on paid leave. But so far it's small businesses who are paying the price — creating a sense of injustice.
8 Apr 2020
Businesses around the world are having to make difficult decisions because of the lockdown measures imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Those running small businesses are having to overhaul operations and face harsh financial realities, often in spite of government support. The French government says that no firm should go bankrupt because of coronavirus and is offering financial help. But is it enough? FRANCE 24 has been speaking to three Paris-based entrepreneurs about how their businesses have been
19 Apr 2020
Data from Stears says Nigerian businesses are likely to be directly affected by the local spread of COVID-19, and many more would be impacted by the partial shutdown of the Nigerian economy. They also stress that most of the 40 million small businesses in the country are ill-equipped to handle a crisis of this scale. Michael Famoroti, Chief Economist at Stears joins CNBC Africa for more.