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Army attacks Nigerians for not giving support

By OakTV
30 Oct 2018   |   5:08 am   |   1m 59s
Army attacks Nigerians for not giving support.

  • Aminu Baba

    He is absolutely correct. We hardly encourage or assist our security agents. How many of u would stop bye when we see a soldier or a Policeman stranded by the road looking for assistant?

  • Sadiq Yakubu

    Absolutely correct. Nigerians are crazy people.Everybody is condemning the military for attacking terrorists with petrol bombs and other dangerous weapons.

  • Nkiru Lubunmi Banjoko

    The issue isn’t that Nigerians don’t appreciate security personnel. Too many Nigerians have been victims of police brutality and insensitivity. What about families of innocent citizens killed? What happened to instances where people have been arrested without reason? People have been harassed by police officers and bribe collected from them. We’ve heard of instances where Nigerians offered lifts to police men, only for guns to be planted in their cars Nigerians just don’t want trouble is why they seem removed from issues regarding security officers.

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