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Aregbesola gives reasons for owing salaries in Osun

By Channels TV
19 Aug 2016   |   4:00 am   |   1m 37s

  • larr

    Live is already though and horrible in Osun. Aregbesola should find a way to generate revenue and not depend on handout.

  • Mosaina

    Questions for Aregbesola. How much of his salary and allowance as governor is he foregoing so that part of it can be spread to as many people as possible?. How happy can he be happy to see the people working for him starve and still be productive and loyal? He says he did not pay workers’ salary so as to spread the wealth of the state to as many people as possible. This excuse is quite illogical and cannot be defended. He is just being inhuman and inconsiderate. All the talk on the top of his voice is a mere cover-up; he is not convincing because his message has no merit. Let him pay the workers who strive daily to get to work, otherwise let the workers sit at home; after all, why would anybody work for no pay? How can people survive with not money for food and other essentials of life?.

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