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Anti-corruption fight – The judiciary is our problem – Obono Obla

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28 August 2017   |   8:00 am
Anti-corruption fight - The judiciary is our problem - Obono Obla


26 Jul 2019
Nigerian judiciary one of the best in Africa - CJN Tanko
16 Aug 2019
Presidency opens up on why Buhari fired public loot recovery chairman, Obono-Obla
14 Sep 2019
Asue Ighodalo, founding and Managing Partner of Banwo and Ighodalo says as a country, there are many things Nigeria needs to re-work, reshape and restructure. To discuss the future of Nigeria's Judiciary – on the sidelines of the Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association, he joins CNBC Africa’s Christy Cole for more.
6 Sep 2019
At the just-concluded 59th Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association – on imparting his thoughts on the level of technological adoption in Nigeria’s Judiciary, Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law, Seni Adio, joins CNBC Africa’s Esther Awoniyi for more.
5 Nov 2019
The Emir of Daura, Farouk Umaru Farouk has again urged Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari's AntiCorruption fight and economic reforms. He made this known during a turbaning ceremony at his palace in Daura.
19 Jan 2020
Constitutional experts warn Poland's latest proposed bill introducing new disciplinary rules for judges could further erode the country's judiciary. The EU is also speaking out, and has tried to intervene.
24 Mar 2020
Covid-19: How Nigerian lawyers, judiciary are taking precautionary measures
14 Sep 2020
As conversations at the on-going 60th Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association move from showcasing activities of the bar through the years, through the rule of law, to the executive order and democratic governance, Ayotola Jagun, Chief Compliance Officer and Company Secretary Oando and member of the technical committee on conference planning joined CNBC Africa's Christy Cole to discuss the evolution of Nigeria's judiciary - country relationship in the past year.
19 Mar 2021
In some Latin American countries, the struggle for power increasingly takes place in court. The instrumentalization of the judiciary is becoming a problem for the democracies of the region.
25 May 2021
The National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies has advocated financial autonomy for the Judiciary, legislature and Local Governments, in all states of the Federation.
21 Jul 2021
Warsaw could face financial penalties for disregarding a ruling by the EU top court, which ruled Poland's judicial reform incompatible with the law. "EU law has primacy over national law," the European Commission said.
15 Dec 2022
A Berlin judge was among the far-right extremists — so-called Reichsbürger — arrested for plotting to overthrow the government. She is not the only far-right member of the German justice system.