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Abuja security – vandals damage CCTV cameras

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05 February 2017   |   4:14 am
Abuja security - vandals damage CCTV cameras.


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Badeh's Assassination: Ekweremadu wants installation of CCTV in Abuja, other major cities.
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A neighborhood in Dortmund became notorious for the large number of far-right extremists living close to each other. Police are now working on installing video surveillance and removing graffiti in the "Nazi hood."
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Cameroon has opened a command centre to monitor Huawei-powered surveillance cameras it installed in Yaounde for the purpose of securing the country. The African country has installed 2,000 surveillance cameras in the country with 7,000 more to be installed in the near future.
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TV cameras following Spain cycling race accidentally reveal rooftop weed farm
27 May 2020
President Donald Trump says he finally overcame his aversion to wearing masks against the coronavirus -- yet he didn't want be photographed. Touring a Ford auto factory in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where workers have converted to building respirators and other medical equipment for fighting COVID-19, Trump holds up a mask and declares he covered his face earlier.
7 Jun 2020
In this week's show we're putting the focus on how France's response to Covid-19 has threatened the country's founding notion of "liberté" or freedom. Between lockdown, restrictions on freedom of movement, a ban on gatherings and forcibly shuttered shops, individual and collective rights have been dealt some serious setbacks in the name of beating the pandemic.