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463 Million students cannot access online learning – UNICEF

By TVC News Nigeria
01 September 2020   |   2:13 pm
This is an analysis of the report by the United Nations Children's Fund, stating that almost 463 million students do not have access to the internet.


28 Sep 2020
Here are a few reasons to pick up a copy of The Guardian on Monday. Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on Monday.
25 Nov 2020
Analysis: What Labour seeks to achieve in ongoing dialogue with FG
19 Dec 2020
Leaders have agreed to pass the new budget and coronavirus recovery fund, including holdouts Hungary and Poland. The two countries had blocked the passage over wording that tied the funds to upholding the rule of law.
15 Dec 2020
Analysis: The rising case of Coronavirus in Nigeria
12 Feb 2021
The package could help the European Union recover from the pandemic by boosting environmental schemes and digital transformation. The stimulus was endorsed by an overwhelming majority of EU lawmakers.
4 Mar 2021
Analysis: CBN unveils rice pyramid in Kebbi
30 Mar 2021
Several major banks are set to lose billions of dollars over links to the hedge fund Archegos, after financial troubles at the firm sparked a massive sell-off of shares. Nomura and Credit Suisse have said they will suffer significant losses, which caused their share prices to plunge on Wall Street on Monday. Archegos was backed by former star trader Bill Hwang. Also today, we look at how the wine industry in Argentina has seen rising sales during the pandemic.
24 Apr 2021
The German Constitutional Court's decision paves the way for Berlin to ratify the EU's €750 billion recovery fund. Judges said they had not found any indication that the approval was unconstitutional.
30 Apr 2021
Nigerians for the reformation of the Nigerian Police force, has thrown up the Police Trust fund which is primarily tasked with raising money to help in training and retraining of police personnel.
9 May 2021
Spying, attacks, murder: Moscow's secret services have shown they are capable of striking even in the heart of the West. However, intelligence expert Christopher Nehring says they are marked by failure and limited means.
4 May 2021
Public affairs analyst, Alpha Jackden speaks on the abduction and the rising spate of insecurity in the country.
26 Jun 2021
The European Commission has given the green light for France's request for €40 billion from the bloc's coronavirus recovery fund. More than half the money will be used for green transition and digital investments. Also in the show: on the five-year anniversary of the Brexit referendum vote, British businesses reflect on what's worked and what hasn't.