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2019: US-based presidential aspirant, Asuquo Achibong, says Nigeria lacks real leadership

By OakTV
19 May 2018   |   11:30 am   |   2m 15s
US-based Nigerian and one of the newest entrants into the race of Nigeria's presidency in next year general elections, Asuquo Achibong, has said the problem with the nation is lack of good leadership.

  • Akintunde Olamigoke Akinsanya

    So what sorts of leadership are we expecting from this cheap blackmailer…?@ asuquo Archibong

  • Akintunde Olamigoke Akinsanya

    An incident happened in Florida some years ago in a close relative residence that shows how cheap is Mr Asuquo Archibong?..He needs a shrink’ as the Americans will say to check his mental status..
    If he’s the same person I have known for ages he’s surely not the kind of personality for Naija leadership.QED.

  • Akintunde Olamigoke Akinsanya

    Please ask him if he has read the Nigeria Constitution on his eligibility as a man of dual citizenship? He knows as an intelligent lawyer cum an evil genius that he’s ineligible for the position of the president of our great nation.
    Remember Asuquo Archibong, those who we want for such position must come clean of their past no matter the credentials they may possess…He’s morally bankrupt & a demon in disguise..
    Yes … This man needs an expose’.

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