Sunday, 28th May 2023

Walmart’s in-store AI cameras: False video claims shoppers being ‘monitored’

By France24
27 March 2023   |   12:15 pm
Walmart's in-store AI cameras: false video claims of “monitoring” shoppers. Surveillance state or inventory tool? Canadian shoppers online have accused supermarket giant Walmart of extreme video surveillance and “controlling the population,” after a video of mysterious black box cameras appeared in the food aisles.


2 Nov 2017
Local police say multiple people have been shot inside a Walmart store in a Denver suburb.
2 Nov 2017
Multiple people have been shot inside a Walmart store in a Denver suburb, according to local police.
24 Dec 2017
With Christmas less than a day away, the holiday shopping season is coming to an end, but thanks to a strong start, research groups are expecting retailers to end on a high note.
20 Aug 2018
Walmart Inc. bounced back from a lackluster start to the year with the strongest sales gain in more than a decade fueled by its grocery business, brightening the outlook for the overall retail sector.
28 Dec 2018
Germans are more and more likely to return items they have bought online, a new poll shows. The under 30s are the worst offenders, with fashion retailers most affected.
2 Jan 2019
India’s new rules for foreign e-commerce platforms may be designed to protect local companies from Inc. and Walmart Inc., but consumers are likely to suffer the collateral damage.
25 Jun 2019
Walmart settles corruption probe for $282 million.
22 Sep 2019
Tiffany & Co. is planning to open more stores in mainland China as the weak yuan deters Chinese consumers from spending overseas and they shift their luxury buying back home. Bloomberg's Selina Wang reports from Shanghai at the company's largest-ever exhibition.
30 Dec 2019
Fifteen pro-democracy demonstrators who targeted a shopping mall near the border with mainland China have been detained. Hong Kong's protest movement has increased efforts to cause economic disruption over the holidays.
27 Mar 2020
A supermarket in Tokyo is packed with shoppers Friday morning and many shelves are emptied as Tokyo's governor urges people to stay home this weekend, warning of a possible "explosion" of the coronavirus after scores of new cases were discovered this week.
29 Aug 2020
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10 Nov 2020
Baffled by the origins of Burberry jacket she can't remember buying, Chen Rui concedes it was time to call in the experts to manage her out of control luxury wardrobe.