Monday, 28th November 2022

‘Thieves’: Lebanese scream for their dollars

Lebanese activists target banks in the capital Beirut amid a grinding liquidity crunch that has hit Lebanon, where unprecedented protests since October 17 have railed against the political class and a deepening economic crisis. Since September, banks have restricted the amount of dollars that can be withdrawn or transferred abroad.


1 Dec 2018
Companies in China have been struggling with a credit squeeze triggered by the government's campaign to shrink the shadow-banking industry, but there are signs of relief.
10 Mar 2020
Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone's side take on Liverpool in the Champions league second leg with a slender 1-0 lead.
16 Sep 2020
Nigerians lament an increase in prices after the oil-rich nation dumped a controversial petrol subsidy system in the face of a coronavirus budget crunch. Authorities announced an end to the subsidies earlier this year, as falling oil prices robbed Nigeria of a major chunk of its revenues. Increasing the pain for average Nigerians, the government has also almost doubled the cost of electricity from 33 to more than 60 naira per kilowatt. The manager of a printing and embroidery company describes the impact these changes will have on his production.
13 Dec 2020
After the collapse of several global retail brands, how long will the nightmare on Main Street last? Kate Moody's been looking into this issue. Is a pandemic a good time to go to business school? We speak to the head of France's top-ranked institution HEC Paris. Plus, we meet the French manufacturers who say they're struggling to compete in the market for face coverings.
9 Feb 2021
Zambia has been gearing up for talks with the IMF after becoming the first African nation to default on debt since the COVID-19 pandemic started. But analysts say an IMF loan is unlikely until after August elections.
5 Sep 2021
Afghans are struggling to get cash with banks still closed following the Taliban's takeover of the country. "I've been coming to the bank for four days now but I can't get my own money," says one resident.
23 Oct 2021
China and India are struggling to obtain enough coal to get through the winter and power their pandemic recoveries. Soaring prices are exacerbating the energy crisis and raising urgent questions about climate goals.
23 Oct 2021
Speaking on state TV, Russia's deputy prime minister addressed Europe's gas supply crunch. Prices have increased 800% this year, which Russia blames on reserve shortfalls.
28 Mar
Russian crude exports have declined substantially since the war began, fuelling global oil supply concerns. We also take a look at how sanctions against Russia are affecting tourism in Cuba, as well as a critical week ahead for Amazon, which faces two separate union elections in the US.