Sunday, 24th October 2021

OneSmart raises $179 million from IPO

By Bloomberg
29 March 2018   |   11:47 am
OneSmart International Education CEO, Chairman and founder Steve Zhang discusses after-school tuition in China and talks about the IPO.


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"Big John," as the dinosaur was nicknamed, went for millions above the initial estimate from French auction house Druot.
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Germany is relatively new to the list of countries with a minimum wage. Now, government coalition talks are considering raising it without using the country's independent expert commission. There are pros and cons.
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The head of the Fairtrade Foundation says consumers, businesses and governments need a ‘reality check’ on the situation facing farmers in developing countries. CEO Michael Gidney speaks to FRANCE 24 ahead of the COP26 climate conference, where Fairtrade will be bringing a pledge for businesses. In this pledge, companies will promise to invest in more sustainable supply chains and provide guaranteed prices to farmers.