Monday, 3rd October 2022

Noma in Copenhagen named world’s best restaurant

09 October 2021   |   12:50 pm
Copenhagen’s Noma has been named the world’s best restaurant in the 50 Best Restaurants awards. The high-end eatery has been credited with reinventing Nordic cuisine. It reworks its menu every season, creating a new creative and aesthetic language of cooking.


21 Jul 2018
Yorai Feinberg challenges those who abuse him by posting threats and insults on the internet. But when Feinberg posted hatemail he had received to draw attention to the growing problem of anti-Semitism, Facebook temporarily blocked his account.
10 Jan 2019
Naked dining off the menu: Paris's first nudist restaurant shuts down.
27 Jan 2019
Bloomberg’s James Gaddy discusses restaurants trending towards a smaller, "micor list" for wine.
24 Mar 2019
"Under" in Lindesnes is Europe's first and the world's largest underwater restaurant. Five meters under the sea at Norway's southern tip, diners can watch the marine life pass by as they eat.
31 Mar 2019
Café Salomon is Leipzig's first kosher restaurant since World War II. The Saxon city, where tens of thousands of Jews were persecuted in the 1930s, now has one of the most active Jewish communities in central Germany.
25 May 2019
For Mogadishu's residents, spending a day at Lido beach is a welcome escape from the grind of the city. Especially on board 'La Lanterna' floating restaurant.
2 Jul 2019
Nestled in the hills along the French Riviera, Mirazur has been crowned the world's best restaurant - an accolade it can add to its three Michelin stars.
2 Oct 2019
With a full house and people waiting outside, California's Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café on Tuesday became the first business in the United States with the license to sell food, beverages and products based on or derived from marijuana, which visitors may also smoke within the premises.
13 Oct 2019
Noah Glass, Olo CEO, talks about his company's partnership with Google, the restaurant industry and the future of delivery. He appears on "Bloomberg Technology."
6 Jan 2020
A fire has destroyed one of Germany’s culinary institutions, the Schwarzwaldstube. The Black Forest eatery has held on to its award of three Michelin stars for longer than any other restaurant in Germany.
27 Feb 2020
More than 120,000 workers at McDonald's, Burger King, Starbucks, Nordsee, KFC, Tank and Rast, Pizza Hut, Autogrill, and others are demanding a wage increase. The workers are demanding for E12 per hour but the management of the fast-food chains is proposing E9.48 per hour.
3 Jun 2020
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