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Nigerian borders fully open ahead treaty take off

By TVC News Nigeria
03 January 2021   |   10:25 am
Nigerian borders fully open ahead treaty take off


29 Jun 2019
1919-1939: The Treaty of Versailles, a truce that led to another war
30 Jun 2019
In November 1918, an armistice ended the fighting in World War I. But it took seven months until the official peace treaty was signed. Germany, meanwhile, always objected to its terms.
11 Jul 2019
The European Union and the Mercosur bloc of South American countries have agreed on the draft text of a free-trade deal. Both sides have been negotiating the agreement for almost 20 years.
12 Aug 2019
The treaty aims to improve the international trade and investment environment. The United States and China signed the treaty at a time they are locked in an escalating trade war.
11 Aug 2019
Nagasaki's mayor has urged Japan's government to adopt the UN’s 2017 nuclear arms prohibition treaty. Speaking on the 74th anniversary of the atomic bombing, he also slammed the US and Russia for developing new warheads.
28 Sep 2019
Senators disagreed over the temporal closure of the land borders by President Muhammadu Buhari with the lawmakers expressing divergent positions on the matter.
27 Nov 2019
Reps to review the Ajaokuta Steel treaty between Nigeria and Russia
21 Jul 2020
British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab expressed concerns over the new Hong Kong security law. China warned that the UK was heading down the "wrong path," not long after sidelining Huawei from its future 5G network.
15 Aug 2020
Human Rights Watch has released a report saying that a growing number of countries have shown a desire for a new international treaty against fully autonomous weapons. It says 30 countries explicitly seek a ban.
24 Aug 2020
TVC News Correspondent, Tesem Akande gives an insight int the peace treaty signed by the ATYAP, Hausa, and Fulani in Zangon Kataf.
17 Dec 2020
NATO has again panned the UN's 2017 treaty to ban nuclear weapons, saying the new pact lacks "rigorous" verification tools and will prove risky.
3 Jan 2021
Nigerian borders fully open ahead treaty take off