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New tariffs loom over the holidays

By Bloomberg
26 November 2018   |   5:24 am
Hun Quach, vice president of international trade at the Retail Industry Leaders Association, discusses how the impending tariffs on Chinese goods are impacting U.S. retail sales.


11 Nov 2019
Singles' Day brings record sales and packaging waste
26 Nov 2019
The Central Bank of Nigeria has denied reports that it gave directives to stop the sale of treasury bills to individuals and small firms. Emmanuel Mordi, Currency Trader at UBA joins CNBC Africa for a wrap of this week’s trading session at Nigeria’s fixed income and Forex market.
3 Feb 2020
Apple credits demand for the iPhone 11 for its record sales and profits.
1 Mar 2020
Milan Fashion Week has kicked off, under the shadow of the coronavirus outbreak. Dozens of brands have warned their supply chains are at risk - and sales are slipping. Also in the show: France takes steps to close down its oldest nuclear power plant, and Airbus announces 2,300 job cuts in its defence and space unit.
24 Feb 2020
The US leader sang the praises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally attended by more than 100,000 in India. Trump's visit comes as the two countries enjoy strengthened defense ties, but spar over trade tensions.
31 Mar 2020
Traders at Nigeria’s forex market say they are anticipating a bi-weekly retail forex auction today. Femi Ogundimu, Fixed Income Trader at Access Bank joins CNBC Africa for a preview of today’s trading session at the money market here in Nigeria.
19 May 2020
New car registrations in the European Union fell by 76 percent in April, the largest fall on record, as lockdown measures hit production and sales. Figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association show the slump was particularly pronounced in Spain and Italy, where registrations fell by over 97 percent. Also today, the UK saw a jump in unemployment claims in April, despite 7.5 million workers being covered by the British government's pandemic income support scheme.
20 Aug 2020
South Africa lifted the ban on cigarette and alcohol sales almost five months after it had come into effect when the country went into a strict nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus.
12 Nov 2020
The online retail event known as Singles' Day has seen record-breaking sales, worth over €47 billion, on sites owned by China's Alibaba. The spending spree comes as Alibaba and other Chinese tech firms face new regulations from Beijing, designed to prevent unfair competition in the sector. Also, we look at the legal challenge being mounted by TikTok in the United States against executive orders forcing a restructuring of its ownership. A deal agreed with Oracle and Walmart is still awaiting approval from the US government.
15 Nov 2020
Sony bets on pandemic gaming boom to boost new Playstation sales. Sony's newest game console, the Playstation 5, goes on sale today in countries including the US, Canada, Australia and Japan. The Japanese company is hoping for record sales, as gaming revenues have climbed during the coronavirus pandemic.
12 Nov 2020
Eager gamers pick-up their PlayStation 5 orders from stores in Sydney but due to Covid-19 all consoles were sold through pre-orders and most delivered directly to people's homes. As a result the usual queues and campouts associated with the last generation of consoles were missing.
24 Dec 2020
The civil suit brought forward by the DOJ accuses Walmart of knowingly filling thousands of invalid prescriptions. The retailer says it is in a no-win situation and wants the suit thrown out.