Sunday, 24th September 2023

New books explore the hidden world of sex workers

By Abiodun Ogundairo
24 September 2022   |   5:16 pm


22 May 2017
Bayan Gari: Bauchi slum, grooming ground for sex workers.
21 Aug 2019
Violent clients, police harassment and stigma are just some of the main reasons sex workers and the NGOs that collaborate with them are fighting for the South African government to decriminalize the trade.
31 May 2020
Sex workers have put forward their own coronavirus "hygiene concept" as they call for a resumption of services. Being called "super spreaders" is offensive and misinformed, they say.
22 Oct 2021
It has been five years since the German government enacted the prostitution protection act. Lawmakers say it protects vulnerable people; many sex workers say it is discriminatory, stigmatizing and has increased risks.
25 Sep 2022
It's an issue that's seldom discussed, but the identity of sex workers and their battle for workers' rights are being brought into the mainstream with the help of books and films.
24 Sep 2022