Wednesday, 7th December 2022

Lufthansa apologizes for excluding Jewish group over mask rules

Lufthansa apologized for excluding a group of Jewish passengers after a few were not observing COVID protocols. The group consisted of the visibly Jewish Orthodox, who accused the airline of collective punishment.


22 Dec 2020
Researchers in Scotland say they have cracked the problem of when to dispose of a face mask. Face masks need to be changed frequently to remain effective, and a firm in Motherwell has developed a colour-changing label that indicates when to dispose of your face mask.
28 Jan 2021
Buhari signs regulations making use of face mask mandatory
7 Feb 2021
The international WHO experts are on a mission to find out about the origins of the coronavirus. While in quarantine in Wuhan, they've had to make do with video calls to their Chinese counterparts.
22 Feb 2021
Plateau fashion designers venture into face mask production
6 Mar 2021
Texas has announced a sweeping rollback of coronavirus restrictions, lifting a mask mandate and allowing most businesses to open at full capacity from next week.
6 Mar 2021
Germany's national carrier Lufthansa has announced billions of euros worth of losses for 2020. Coronavirus disruption has catapulted the airline into an unprecedented crisis.
21 Mar 2021
Lawmakers from Germany's governing conservative party alliance face a Friday deadline to prove they didn't pocket profits from face mask sales. The scandal comes ahead of state elections on Sunday.
16 May 2021
Health officials recommend that fully vaccinated people will not have to wear masks outside, even in large crowds. The US has seen a dramatic drop in new cases and deaths since providing immunizations.
18 May 2021
Americans react after the top US health agency announced it was lifting mask-wearing guidance for people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
31 May 2021
The new routes follow EU advice against using Belarusian airspace. On Sunday, the Minsk government sparked international outrage by forcing the landing of a Ryanair jet to arrest a dissident journalist.
15 Jun 2021
Controversial US lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene apologizes for remarks in which she repeatedly equated mask mandates with Nazis forcing Jews to wear yellow stars in World War Two-era Germany.
19 Jun 2021
We discuss the excitement in the French press over the lifting of certain Covid-19 restrictions, but also how there may be ulterior motives behind them. We then look at how the press is covering the Biden-Putin meeting and the upcoming return of Laurent Gbagbo to Ivory Coast. Finally, we find out why a Juneteenth holiday is more than just a symbolic move.