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Inside the future factory

By Bloomberg
12 January 2019   |   12:51 pm
Over the past 40 years, the fishing village of Shenzhen has been reborn as a futuristic metropolis bursting with factories.


20 Mar 2017
It's crunch-time for vast swathes of China's industrial landscape, as rising costs and the threat of American tariffs hurt business. Bloomberg's Tom Mackenzie looks at the factory bosses looking further afield for salvation.
5 May 2017
Japanese companies interested in opening factories in Nigeria.
24 Oct 2017
SON seals 4 steel factories over substandard products.
8 Mar 2020
Some French manufacturers of anti-viral alcohol hand gel are working twice as hard and hiring temporary workers in the face of the explosion in demand due to coronavirus fears.
13 Mar 2020
Nigerian lawmakers set to investigate 'baby factories'
29 Mar 2020
Trade unions in Italy have been pressing the government to revise a list of industries allowed to remain open despite COVID-19 amid mounting concerns over workers' health and safety.
1 May 2020
A number of Mexican firms producing goods for the US market are ignoring coronavirus lockdown rules. This puts their workforces in grave danger of contracting COVID-19.
18 Nov 2021
A fact-checking media in Mali has identified false claims of child harvesting in Nigeria – so-called "baby factories". The claim that the images in question are recent is bogus, but a real phenomenon of child harvesting does exist in Nigeria. Also, a Canadian media dramatically claimed that the wife of Pfizer's CEO died due to the Covid-19 vaccine. In fact, she is alive and well.