Thursday, 8th December 2022

‘Huge tusk’: Using DNA tracing to stop ivory trafficking

By France24
15 February 2022   |   3:50 pm
We take a look at how DNA tracing used to catch serial killers is now being applied to poachers. But first, we see how the press is covering an honour killing in Pakistan, Vladimir Putin's theatrical, de-escalation meeting with Sergei Lavrov and Valérie Pécresse's "flop' of a French presidential campaign rally.


25 Dec 2016
Researchers in Ghana are mapping human genes to help treat diseases affecting African people. Doctors from 13 African countries are involved in the study.
31 Dec 2016
A London brewery offers beer lovers the chance to personalise their pint according to their DNA profile
17 Jun 2018
Tracking down your DNA is a lot harder than you think. The direct-to-consumer genetic testing industry promises insight into everything from your ancestry to athletic ability and a lot of people have signed up...but as one Bloomberg reporter found out, once you give all of that up it's pretty hard to claw it all back.
23 Jan 2019
As the US-Mexico border row continues to rage, AeroMexico is offering US travelers a "DNA discount" to visit their closest neighbor. An ad detailing the perk has gone viral on social media.
8 Jul 2019
Fitch Learning says HR Leaders they interviewed noted that change in the workforce demographic is the top critical factor in the need to take action. Andreas Karaiskos the CEO of Fitch Learning joins CNBC Africa for more.
19 Jan 2021
First DNA forensic laboratory launched in Adamawa
6 Feb
Nature has its very own information storage technology: DNA. For millions of years, the double helix has been the primary code for all living things. But could DNA also become the ultimate storage solution for our digital information? We take a closer look in this edition of Down to Earth.