Friday, 8th December 2023

Green groups target poisonings from rising pesticides sales

More and more pesticides are being sprayed worldwide with deadly consequences for humans and nature, a report finds.


17 Mar
US President Joe Biden has approved a massive oil and gas drilling project in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve. ConocoPhillips, the company behind the Willow Project, says it will create local investment and thousands of jobs. But the move has sparked significant backlash from environmental groups. We take a closer look.
19 Mar
Sales of electric vehicles are expected to surge in India by the end of the decade as the government pledges to slash carbon emissions.
26 Apr
Offsets have come under fire as a way for companies to compensate for carbon emissions through eco projects elsewhere. How do they work and should such claims be trusted?
25 Apr
A new power line which could provide green electricity to 1.8 million homes is set to be built by the UK and the Netherlands as part of a plan to boost energy security. Officials claim the LionLink connection beneath the North Sea will be the "world's largest multi-use electricity power line".
28 Apr
Kenyan LGBT campaigners have been fielding a surge in hate speech since a rights group supporting their cause was given the green light to register as an NGO.
15 May
With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable growth, India's central bank is preparing a roadmap to achieve its green transition targets.
17 May
Six members of a criminal gang were accused of stealing priceless jewels from the Green Vault museum in Dresden. It was dubbed the biggest art heist in modern history by German media.
23 May
German authorities have launched an investigation after two Russian dissidents, including a US-based activist, reportedly fell ill following a conference in Berlin.
27 Jun
The EU wants to import green electricity from Georgia as part of a move to make the country less dependent on Russia and help the bloc meet its climate targets.
16 Jul
Niger's private sector has stepped up to fertilise failing plans for Africa's Great Green Wall. Also, people from Ethiopia's town of Lalibela help restore some of the iconic rock-hewn churches unique to their community. Plus, Malian children from riverside communities take to the waters to head out to a specially built island school.
19 Jul
A startup in Zambia is using technology to support smallholder farmers. The digital platform allows them to form saving circles, access payment services and receive personalized advice.
23 Jul
Supporters gear up for the the Women's World cup match between co-hosts Australia and Ireland at Stadium Australia in Sydney.