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Going public is the last thing Dotdash wants right now, CEO says

By Bloomberg
03 October 2019   |   11:50 am
Neil Vogel, Dotdash chief executive officer, discusses the company's acquisition of Liquor.com, its growth strategy and the state of the online advertising market with Bloomberg's Ed Hammond on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close."


4 mins ago
Russian conscripts are likely to be sent to Ukraine with minimal training and preparedness, UK intelligence has said. Russian ally Kazakhstan has refused to back "referendums" in eastern Ukraine. DW has the latest.
24 mins ago
The EU plans to replace the bulk of Russian gas imports by the end of the year. But despite its reserves filling up quickly, the bloc's chances of avoiding energy shortages could depend on the severity of the winter.
1 hour ago
NASA may roll the 32-story Artemis 1 rocket into a hangar due to the storm, which should reach hurricane strength next week. NASA won't try to thread the weather needle with its Artemis 1 moon mission after all.
1 hour ago
After statements from the Bank of England and the UK Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng on Monday, the British pound recovered slightly on Tuesday morning but remained at its lowest level in decades against the dollar. All eyes will now be on the UK central bank's November meeting and a potential rate hike. Also in this edition, we see why the World Bank has lowered its growth forecast for the Chinese economy. Plus, we head to Spain, where local communities are joining forces to invest in solar energy.
2 hours ago
A fight between two Mali basketball players at the Women's World Cup broke out after the team lost their game against Serbia and was eliminated from the tournament.
3 hours ago
The currency took a beating from investors after the government announced plans to cut billions in tax revenues. The new Conservative Party government under Prime Minister Liz Truss has been in power for just 20 days.
3 hours ago
The dollar has been on a tear in recent weeks as investors take refuge in the safe haven amid recession worries. The pound and the euro have been pummeled, but the greenback's ascent could have wider ramifications.
5 hours ago
Tyson Fury calls off his proposed bout with Anthony Joshua, saying his fellow Briton had not signed the contract before Monday's deadline.
7 hours ago
Many German tourists skipped vacations abroad over the past two years — but this changed in the summer of 2022. What does this mean for the domestic tourism industry?
7 hours ago
Giorgia Meloni, whose far-right Brothers of Italy triumphed in Sunday’s general election, has succeeded in channelling both the aspirations of conservative voters and resentment of Mario Draghi’s unelected government, without fully renouncing her party’s neo-fascist roots.
9 hours ago
A ride-hailing app with all-female drivers launched in Nigeria last month, amid reports in local media of assault and harassment of female passengers and drivers.
9 hours ago
Those who work for platforms like Uber Eats and Deliveroo were hailed as heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic, risking their own health to make deliveries to those of us under lockdown. Today, delivery people still work for little pay and under harsh conditions.