Monday, 30th January 2023

Global wheat shortages push countries to self-sufficiency

Russia's war in Ukraine has caused global shortages of many products, especially wheat. But those shortages have also pushed some countries, including Zimbabwe, to plan for wheat self-sufficiency. Zimbabwe is expecting a record harvest for 2022, thanks to mechanization and new governmental measures.


10 May 2017
Nigeria's vice-president Yemi Osinbajo says the country targets self-sufficiency in rice production by the end of 2018, saving scarce foreign exchange spent on importing the staple food.
24 Nov 2017
We are close to achieving self-sufficiency in rice production - Lai Mohammed
25 Jul 2018
Rwanda envisions reaching 75 per cent use of improved seeds by 2024 from 50 per cent currently. To drive that ambition, the country has signed a partnership with three firms to produce seeds locally.
1 Apr 2019
We’re at war with smugglers sabotaging Nigeria’s self-sufficiency drive in rice production.
1 Jun 2020
For many people, Covid-19 has triggered a yearning for change: a slower pace, a lighter footprint and an existence more connected to nature. And now – perhaps the first time – a life more resilient to future shocks. This week Down to Earth explores why the coronavirus outbreak has prompted so many people to consider a change in their production and consumption habits.
19 Oct
The Food and Agriculture Organisation says in the face of global crises, global solutions are needed more than ever to address food insecurity, especially for low-income countries.