Monday, 5th June 2023

Berlin universities (almost) banish meat from canteens

06 September 2021   |   3:01 pm
Berlin students are pushing for less schnitzel and more beets and lentils in their lunch menus, in an effort to fight climate change.


26 May 2019
Ev Williams, chief executive officer of Medium and co-founder of Twitter Inc., discusses the future of social media and the Beyond Meat initial public offering with Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman on "Bloomberg Technology."
15 Jun 2019
Tyson Foods Inc., the biggest U.S. meat processor, wants in on the veggie protein market that’s hot with consumers and investors alike. Bloomberg's Deena Shanker has more on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close."
30 Jun 2019
China has stopped accepting shipments of meat from Canada after food inspections revealed residue of a restricted feed additive. Canadian authorities are investigating the case, which coincides with a diplomatic dispute.
29 Jun 2019
Clashes between the Fulani tribe and farmers are driven by scarce resources and Nigeria's growing middle-class tastes.
28 Jun 2019
With 200 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the largest meat consumer in West Africa. Every day, 50 trucks unload cows, goats and sheep at the main livestock market in Lagos, the country's economic capital. This is an essential supply chain for food in Nigeria, whose livestock is mainly raised by the Fulani spread over about ten West African countries.
26 Aug 2019
Future food: Serving up meat grown in the lab
7 Dec 2019
Nigeria is Africa's most populous country with a matching appetite for meat. Semi-nomadic herers from 10 different countries drive their herds hundreds of kilometers to sell their animals to eager Nigerians.
25 Dec 2019
Hoards of punters gather to bid on last-minute meats for their Christmas meal at an open-air auction at London's Smithfield Market.
28 Jun 2020
More than 1,300 people have tested positive at a Tönnies slaughterhouse, causing Germany's transmission rate to rocket. Germany's labor minister says the firm should pay compensation.
25 Jun 2020
The treatment of workers at Tönnies, Germany's leading pork producer, has been criticized for years. But it's only now, amid the pandemic, that change seems likely. Miodrag Soric reports.
27 Jun 2020
Two western German districts are spending their first full day back in lockdown following a fresh outbreak of COVID-19 at a meat-processing plant. Residents will return to measures first imposed in March.
10 Dec 2020
Lab-grown chicken will soon be available in restaurants in Singapore after the country became the first to green-light meat created without slaughtering any animals.