Monday, 16th May 2022

Zimbabweans call for a US sanction rethink

By France24
13 February 2022   |   12:24 pm
US led sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe two decades ago have had far reaching effects on the country's economy. Also, South Africa has opened a new vaccine plant. The first on the continent to cover the entire process from start to finish. And Kourtrajme heads to Senegal. The French filmaking collective hopes to help students go from dreaming to screenings.


30 Nov 2017
After 37 years of undivided power, Robert Mugabe resigned in Harare on Nov. 21. It marked a brand new chapter for the millions of Zimbabweans who had lived under his repressive regime.
23 Feb 2018
Evan Mawarire is a pastor who became a leading human rights and democracy advocate in Zimbabwe after posting videos calling on his fellow citizens to challenge the rule of Robert Mugabe.
30 Jul 2018
Zimbabweans began voting in Harare on Monday (July 30) in the first election since the removal of former president Robert Mugabe.
6 Aug 2018
Zimbabwean's waited for the next steps on Sunday (August 5) after President Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared the winner of a disputed election and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa challenged the result.
13 May 2019
Zimbabwe's state-owned utility warned on Thursday that it may have to ration electricity supplies, a move that would hit the lucrative mining sector the hardest.