Wednesday, 7th December 2022

The Gambia’s failed asylum-seekers

The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world. 22 years of dictatorship and high unemployment has made migration a lucrative option for young people. But when they're returned home they can find themselves overwhelmed by a sense of shame.


3 Feb 2019
The world's centre of poverty - the West African country of Nigeria has borne this sad title since last year. Despite enormous oil reserves, 87 million Nigerians, almost half the population, live in poverty.
24 Feb 2019
International observer former Vice-President of The Gambia Fatoumata Tambajang shares her views on the Nigerian elections.
30 Mar 2019
At the 52nd Conference of African Ministers in Marrakech, Morocco, CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters caught up with Said Adejumobi, Director of the Sub-Regional Offices for Southern Africa at the United Nation's Economic Commission for Africa and discussed strategies to curb unemployment in Africa.
18 May 2019
Declare state of emergency on unemployment, Senate tells Nigerian govt.
21 May 2019
May 29 is around the corner and Nigerians are getting set to usher in a new administration. Part of what Nigerians want the new administration to focus on is power and unemployment.
27 Aug 2019
Nigeria's unemployment rate stands at 20.1% in third quarter of 2019 - NEC
15 Sep 2019
Regional Chief Operating Officer for Allianz Africa, Delphine Maidou says the digital gap in Africa is expanding and could worsen unemployment statistics on the continent. To discuss this on the sidelines of the just-concluded World Economic Forum on Africa, Delphine Maidou joins CNBC Africa's Kenneth Igbomor for more.
11 Oct 2019
As The Gambia's tourist season begins, hotel owners are still trying to 'cut down on losses' after the bankruptcy of British tour operator Thomas Cook on 23 September 2019. The British holidaymaker was one of the largest tourist outfitters in the small West African country, with 45% of tourists entering The Gambia through Thomas Cook according to The Gambia's government. Two emergency meetings have been organised by the government to find an emergency solution before the country's touristic season begins in November. from hotel owners in Banjul
16 Dec 2019
The Nigeria Youth Workers Association has commended the Senate for calling for a state of emergency on unemployment in Nigeria.
30 Mar 2020
New York food banks have become inundated with newcomers, deprived of income since the near-total halt of business in the United States' economic capital. "We’re seeing a lot of poverty," notices Geraldine Firmin from City Harvest, a major New York-based charitable organization, during a food donation market.
18 Apr 2020
Another 5.2 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, as the economic toll of the coronavirus spreads. Some 22 million people have lost their jobs in the last month alone - that's roughly the equivalent of all the jobs added since the financial crisis a decade ago. Also in the show: online retail giant Amazon has shut its six warehouses in France indefinitely, after a court order raised concerns about working conditions amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Similar fears over the health of online retail workers have recently been voiced in other countries such as the US.
18 Aug 2020
Unemployment, Drug Abuse among factors inhibiting youth