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The Gambia: Adama Barrow sworn in on home soil as president

By AlJazeera
19 February 2017   |   12:56 pm
Thousands of cheering Gambians gathered for a ceremony on Saturday to officially inaugurate President Adama Barrow.


23 Jan 2017
A West African military force enters the Gambian capital to cheers as part of an operation aimed at securing the country to allow new President Adama Barrow to take up office.
20 Feb 2017
President Adama Barrow has promised more freedom and engagement with the international community. As his presidency kicked off, Barrow announced the release of all prisoners detained without trial.
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22 Jan 2018
One year ago, former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh waved to his supporters for the last time on the tarmac of Banjul airport before fleeing to Equatorial Guinea, where he still lives in exile.
26 Jan 2018
How is The Gambia doing one year after the handover of power from Yahya Jammeh, who had ruled the country for over 22 years? President Adama Barrow speaks to DW about the economy, migration and the country's security.
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