Monday, 25th September 2023

Shady dealings – Nigerian trafficking networks

Criminal networks from Nigeria earn billions trading drugs and trafficking humans. They lure young women to Europe, where they’re forced into prostitution. The film accompanies investigators and meets some of the women who’ve managed to get out.


15 Feb 2017
PayPal COO William Ready discusses the acquisition of Canadian bill payment company TIO Networks, the focus on mobile and the company’s reach for new users.
13 Jul 2017
TV networks including ESPN are bracing for a drop in advertising revenue for football games in the coming season, which could drag down sales growth for sports broadcasts overall, advertising and television executives say.
6 Oct 2017
John Landgraf, chief executive officer at FX Networks, discusses platform competition, the company’s content strategy, and building a brand in the digital media age.
10 Dec 2018
Most Americans don't think Social Networks are good for the world a new survey from Axios asked 3,622 adults if social media does more to help or hurt democracy and free speech. 55% of people fear the federal government won't do enough to regulate big tech companies.
11 Dec 2018
John Chen, BlackBerry Ltd. chief executive officer, discusses data security risks with Bloomberg's Amanda Lang on "Bloomberg Markets."
27 Feb 2019
Social networks take centre stage in Algerian protests.
24 Mar 2019
Fears surrounding mobile phone use and the possible effects of radiation on the human body are mounting. As Germany begins a new 5G network rollout, DW takes a look at whether this new technology is bad for our health.
29 Mar 2019
The Chinese telecom giant Huawei has been criticized for software security failures by a British oversight board. However, the report stopped short of blaming Chinese state interference for engineering defects.
1 Jun 2019
Thousands of Cubans who built their own data networks at home can now apply for a license, but control over the internet itself stays under state control. Cuba has been one of the least-connected places on the planet.
28 Sep 2020
27 Oct 2021
The Russian-based hacking group behind the so-called SolarWinds cyberattacks has targeted more US-based computer systems. US tech giant Microsoft said it had documented a flurry of activity over the summer.
9 Jun 2022
North Korea is one of the world's poorest and most isolated countries, and yet it still has one of the most formidable – and dangerous – hacking networks on the planet. The Lazarus Group has targeted major international companies, stolen millions from banks and even shut down hospital departments. Investigative journalist Geoff White's forthcoming book "The Lazarus Heist" recounts how these networks emerged and the growing threat they pose today. He joined us for Perspective.