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Nigerian chair designer mixes tradition with contemporary

By Reuters
24 March 2019   |   5:44 am
Tosin Oshinowo has created a Nigerian lifestyle brand which incorporates the traditional 'Aso Oke' fabric into modern designs.


30 Jul 2018
This fashion event in Burkina Faso's second city Bobo Dioulasso is a platform to celebrate one of the country's oldest traditional fabrics, the Koko Dunda.
30 May 2019
At a recent fashion show in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian designers showcased a range of clothes made from "Faaya Aada," a traditional cotton cloth woven by hand.
24 Oct 2021
In a hot and stuffy room at her house in Hanoi, Tran Thanh Thuc holds up a delicate silk scarf and begins snipping it into tiny pieces, ready to paste onto her works of art. For four decades, Thuc has been recreating Vietnamese landscapes using vibrant shades of fabric cut from scarves, traditional ao dai -- or whatever material she could find during years of poverty in the 1980s.
11 Jun
Ukraine declared a full mobilisation at the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022, banning military-age men from leaving the country so that they could be called up to fight at any time. Days after Russia attacked, so many people were lining up to head to the front line that military commissariats were turning some away. But not everyone wants to fight. As the war drags on and the casualties mount, many are looking for ways to avoid it.