Tuesday, 27th September 2022
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East Africa’s forgotten slave trade

Over several centuries countless East Africans were sold as slaves by Muslim Arabs to the Middle East and other places via the Sahara desert and Indian Ocean. Experts say it is time for this to be discussed more openly.


15 Jun 2018
Music in East Africa is a record of the history, struggles and aspirations of the region. DW's Edith Kimani traces patterns in Kenyan music, from a collection of second-hand vinyl records to one of today's hottest Afro-pop bands.
14 Jun 2019
Sudan is in turmoil after the military government scrapped all agreements with the opposition and affirming that elections would be held within nine months. This is contrary to the demands of protesters who are insisting on a transition period of at least three years to allow for a free and fair election.
7 Nov 2019
France's Reunion Island: A digital gateway in the Indian Ocean
10 May 2021
The fragments are from a Chinese space module launched at the end of last month. There had been speculation about where the debris would land, but experts predicted the chances of death or injuries were tiny.
22 Jul 2021
Every year millions and millions of sardines trek along the cold currents off the South Africa coast during the southern hemisphere winter months, peaking in July. Countless dolphins and sharks hunt along the shoals - a spectacular sight that awes tourists lucky enough to find them.
10 Oct 2021
The 35th edition of the "Marathon des Sables" ("Marathon of the Sands"), a six-day 251 km (156 mi) ultramarathon across the Sahara Desert, sets off in southern Morocco, with hundreds of participants ready to take on one of the toughest races on Earth. of the first stage