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Deadly unrest reflects Ethiopia’s discontent

03 November 2019   |   12:50 pm
Ehtiopia is grappling with unrest after a quarrel between premier Abiy Ahmed and media mogul and former ally Jawar Mohammed. The fresh unrest could pose a new challenge to the country hit by ethnically-tinged conflicts.


13 Oct 2019
Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia's Prime Minister, awarded Nobel Peace Prize
12 Dec 2019
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed receives Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. Prime Minister Abiy won the prize, in part, for making peace with Eritrea after a two-decade conflict.
22 Jun 2021
Ethiopians head to the polls for their first free elections after decades of oppression, although no vote is taking place in the war-torn northern region of Tigray. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will face voters for the first time and said the national and regional elections are a testament to his commitment to democracy. Abiy came to power with sweeping reforms but is now facing international criticism over the ongoing conflict in the Tigray region.
3 Oct 2021
Ethiopia is holding the second phase of its belated elections this week. However, the embattled Tigray region remains excluded from the polls which has already handed a majority to the ruling Prosperity Party.
4 Oct 2021
After a landslide election victory for his Prosperity Party in June, Abiy Ahmed's new government still faces a host of challenges, including the deadly conflict in Tigray.
2 Nov 2021
Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed talks tough as Tigray forces claim gains