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After Mugabe, Zimbabweans hopeful about future

By France 24
30 November 2017   |   7:40 am
After 37 years of undivided power, Robert Mugabe resigned in Harare on Nov. 21. It marked a brand new chapter for the millions of Zimbabweans who had lived under his repressive regime.


22 Feb 2017
President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is in the spotlight after celebrating his 93rd birthday.
16 Jun 2017
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18 Nov 2017
Military pressures Robert Mugabe to step down, Macron mediates Lebanon crisis.
20 Nov 2017
President Robert Mugabe has shocked Zimbabwe with a televised address that failed to announce his highly anticipated resignation.
22 Dec 2017
White Zimbabwean farmer Rob Smart and his two sons returned to their farm with ululations from former workers six months after he was forced out by police during ex-president Robert Mugabe's reign.
25 Jun 2018
Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa escaped unhurt after an explosion rocked a stadium in Bulawayo where he had addressed a political rally on Saturday, for more CNBC Africa is joined by Political Consultant and Strategist Acie Lumumba.
24 Jan 2019
Oliver Mtukudzi, Zimbabwe's most successful and internationally renowned artist, has died.
7 Sep 2019
Zimbabwe’s commitments to respecting and upholding rights are under scrutiny as critics of the government are increasingly abducted and tortured. Such practices were common during the reign of Robert Mugabe.
6 Sep 2019
Zimbabwe's former president Robert Mugabe has died aged 95, the country's President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on his official Twitter account on Friday.
7 Sep 2019
World leaders continue to send in their condolences after the death of Zimbabwe’s former leader Robert Mugabe at 95. The longtime leader ruled Zimbabwe for 37years before he was forcefully edged out in 2017. Here are some of his memorable pictures during his lifetime.
10 Sep 2019
Zimbabwe's youth felt betrayed by the greed of Robert Mugabe and his generation. The former autocrat may be dead, but there are those in government who carry on his legacy, Blessing Vava writes in this guest commentary.
17 Sep 2019
Robert Mugabe's burial delayed by 30 days