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The Wood Merchants of Ebute-Metta: Ingenuity meets technology (Part 3)

By Guardian Exclusive
21 Jul 2017   |   5:40 am   |   2m 49s
Every aspect of the wood business is crude and the players are proud to let you know. In this episode of our seven part series, you will get a first hand look at the ingenuity of the players in the market and how home-grown technology is powering the wood market.

  • Akin Bamisaye

    The short video shows that ingenuity and ability to innovate are not limited to the ivory towers.

    If our western educated engineers cannot look around them to see a market where research can be adapted to local needs, what then is the use of such education.

    These locally trained and practical saw millers are ready to teach one or two lessons to the certificated engineers if only they can climb down from their praxis-empty citadels.

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