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Public and Private Sector Growth for the Development of Delta State

By Guardian TV
02 Jul 2016   |   12:59 pm   |   2m 30s
Pat Utomi, Founder of the Centre for Values in Leadership, spoke to Guardian TV about bridging investment gap and how it will provide policy makers the opportunity to interact with the private sector which will help develop the State.

  • Daniel

    Two areas of improvement in this speech: How will a democratic leader wakes up and give incentives to who he feels is ok? It is not healthy for democracy for any person irrespective of political affiliation to stand up and approve of anything singlehandedly no matter the benefit to the people. Everything should be institutionalised. I think the best now is not by executive/intelligent order but by examples. You and other big shots should come back home and invest in Delta, not staying in Lagos and think that is all to life. This will enable your Children to have their place as home.

    • gabriels Enwenji

      Should those people decides to come back home, these deep rooted politicians with no clear management policy will never give them space to contribute their quota to the development of the state. It is at that time, you will hear different songs and names being branded to the returnees.
      The only way for them to contribute meaningfully is to involve them either as consultants or economic council team of the state.
      It has happened before and will still happen if the opportunity arises. If gurus like Prof Utomi returns to Delta for an instance, do you want to make him a commissioner when you have people who rightly worked for the emergence of the governor ?. These technocrats can be based anywhere yet contribute their quota to the state’s development.

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