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Outrage against Libya slave trade

By Guardian Exclusive
29 Nov 2017   |   2:52 pm   |   2m 41s
There has been a global outrage against the slave trade in Libya after a CNN report exposed the evil act a few days back. The International Organization for Migration has confirmed that Africans trying to reach Europe were being sold by their captors in "slave markets" in Libya.

  • Paul Chinedu Nnanna

    I cannot believe that slave trading is still happening in our jat age or information age called 21th century, it is against God’s commend and against human right code signed in international court in 1947, but early before that in 1789, the so called slave trade business was abolished , where come the ideas again, I want to beg African leaders to act quick unbehalf of their subject or citizens. I guessed that international bodies should give final edict on that effect ” slave trade” let religious leaders also stand up against the on going issue in Libya. Thank u

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