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Meet the app that helps cancel subscription after a free trial period

By Guardian Exclusive
24 September 2019   |   10:43 am
Want your subscription to be cancelled automatically once your free trial is over?⁣⁣ ⁣This new app, Do Not Pay, automatically cancels subscriptions at the end of the free trial period.⁣⁣


7 May 2020
Data privacy advocates have launched a legal challenge against the mandatory use of a state-backed contact tracing app. The Indian government has called it a tool in the fight against the novel coronavirus.
20 May 2020
Scientists at the University of Cape Town have developed a coronavirus tracing app for emerging markets — designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, implementing the app has been proving difficult.
8 Jun 2020
Reps orders suspension of DSTV tariff increase, want free subscription
17 Jun 2020
As Germany eases lockdown rules, the new "Corona Warning App" aims to track infection chains and curb the spread of COVID-19. On launch day, our Berlin reporter Kate Brady tried it out.
18 Jul 2020
A start-up in West Africa has developed an app to help improve the efficiency of collecting and recycling waste. It connects homes and institutions with plastic and metal recycling collectors with the click of a button.
16 Aug 2020
The tech giant said the game developer broke the rules in the App Store for "violating" payment guidelines. One of the world's most popular video games is now under threat on Apple devices.
20 Oct 2020
The order blocks access to the online sites of outlets deemed to be sympathetic towards Thailand's pro-democracy protesters. The PM also called a special session of parliament as protesters demanded his resignation.
21 Nov 2020
In Ghana's Bia National Forest an NGO is working with a local partner to develop an app that monitors illegal logging and rewards legal harvesting. The group hopes to use the technology in other parts of the country.
5 Jan 2021
VBank is a digital banking solution that enables businesses to manage their transactions effectively without any banking stress. The mobile banking platform gives swift access to your accounts, secure transfers, withdrawals, savings, and bill payments.
9 Jan 2021
Browsing the internet as a young policeman in China, Ma Baoli recalls the sheer volume of web pages telling him he was a pervert, diseased and in need of treatment -- simply because he was gay. Two decades later, the softly spoken 43-year-old now helms Blued, one of the world's largest dating platforms for gay men. Two decades later, the softly spoken 43-year-old now helms Blued, one of the world's largest dating platforms for gay men.
11 Jan 2021
Amazon has become the latest tech giant to clamp down on microblogging and social network service Parler, notifying it of plans to suspend its web hosting service on Sunday.
24 Jan 2021
After the attack on the Capitol in Washington, DC, some Americans have made it their mission to identify the perpetrators by matching with them on dating apps.