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Bottom of the Pyramid Scheme

By Guardian Exclusive
07 Dec 2017   |   8:20 am   |   3m 58s
Nigeria plans to lift millions out of poverty and one of the ways is through the Bottom of Pyramid Scheme, aimed at giving micro-entrepreneurs easy access to loans.

  • Christopher Adodo

    The bottom of the pyramid schemes
    presentation, is at best mediocres and badly thoughts-out.
    The two separate pictures displayed are controversial: one showing a group of well dressed with checks in their hands, and while the second showed a very poor neighborhoods probably copy paste from Google.
    The presentation does not justify the huge amount mentioned. Because there was no pyramid chats to explain how the poorest are actually benefiting from the scheme.
    Undoubtedly, the money will go down the drain because it is not well managed.
    Also, the very poor for which the scheme is focused on are not in the pictures. They should be able to tell Nigerians the benefits of the scheme in their lives.

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