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Cockroach milk: The next food craze?

By France 24
31 May 2018   |   8:40 am
We find out about cockroach milk and why it could be the next food craze.


23 Jan 2017
Dairy farmers spray tractorloads of milk powder onto European Council building, saying a planned sale of milk powder stocks would depress prices in Europe and abroad.
1 Mar 2017
Desperate to feed her baby girl, who suffered severe food allergies, Chilean mother Carolina Fuentes turned to donkey milk and says it was "a miracle."
31 May 2018
We find out about cockroach milk and why it could be the next food craze.
7 Jul 2019
Researchers say the findings mean it will become impossible to exterminate the common cockroach with chemicals alone. Female cockroaches have dozens of offspring in a three-month reproductive cycle.
19 Jul 2019
Did you know that milk can be used as a remedy for these 6 situations? 1. Post-workout 2. Insomnia 3. Spicy foods 4. Sunburn 5. Sore throat 6. Immunity booster
17 Feb 2020
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has limited the number of companies involved in milk importation, its derivatives and dairy products to six. CBN stressed that the policy is part of efforts to increase local production of milk, its derivatives and dairy products. Tajudeen Ibrahim, Vice President and Head of Research at Chapel Hill Denham joins CNBC Africa for more.
20 Feb 2021
More than two months after the first farmers set up camps on Indian capital's borders, tens of thousands more have joined them, calling for the repeal of new agriculture laws. The farmers, who have slept outdoors through the winter cold, are being supported by an army of small villages in the northern states neighbouring Delhi.
2 Dec
Every morning in the Rwandan capital Kigali, long queues appear outside milk bars, where people come to socialise and unwind over large pints of ikivuguto, a fermented milk mixed with honey. Milk drinking became engrained in the country's culture as the result of a government policy initiated after the 1994 genocide to revive the economy and fight malnutrition. In 2006, the government set up the Girinka programme, in a bid to ensure that even the poorest families were able to afford a cow.